How to Submit

 1.) Who will be viewing the finished video? 

 2.) How do you want to tell your story? In a fun way? Elegant? Are some photos more important and should be emphasized?

 3.) Photo selection should be diverse and not be overly duplicative of people, locations or settings. Think in terms of a narrative: for example for a wedding it may start in the morning , move to the preparations for the bride and bridesmaids including  hair, make up and dress, move to the ceremony and conclude with the reception and the happy couple’s departure. Regardless of the event the video should have at least 3 parts: an introduction, highlights of the event and the finale.

 4.) The length of the video, should be sufficient to tell a story while maintaining viewer interest. Normally a 3 to 10 minute video is enough time to comprehensively show an event or tell a story. 

 5.) Pick only the best quality photos. Keep in mind that everyone wants to see themselves either looking good or having fun. 

 6.) What music do you want to use? Fast, energetic, romantic, classical, oldies or jazz etc… There will be copy right restrictions for using popular commercial music. You may also use original music, choose your own music or submit the music of your choice.

7.) Submit by Dropbox, USB or by mail.